Special Abilities Edit

Special attacks are powerful skills which can change the course of the battle. From throwing of a hammer, healing, to a sky raining with exploding sheep, the variety of special attacks can make each fight different.

Each hero have their own special attack, which he can use as default after you unlock him.

When gathering 3 items of the special item sets, you unlock a special attack, that is assigned for this set. You can change the attack the hero wearing the items uses from the hero panel in his Throne.

You activate the special attack during battle by clicking on its icon by the hero image, or by pressing SPACEBAR (only when playing on web browser). Each attack have a cooldown timer, after which you can use it again.

— Game's Help Pages

List of Abilities Edit

Hero Abilities Edit

Alchemist Reaction Skill Icon
Alchemist Reaction Freya
Dance of Death
Dance of Death Hel
Call Of Fire
Call of Elements Master of Elements
Deceiver of Foes Skill Icon
Deceiver of Foes Loki
Death Spin Skill Icon
Death Spin Fenrir
Fire Blast Skill Icon
Fire Blast Ragnar
Grendel Smash Skill Icon
Grendel Smash Grendel
Mining Tunnel Skill Icon
Mining Tunnel Dvergar
Nature Healing Skill Icon
Nature Healing Valkyrie
Thunder Ground Skill Icon
Thunder Ground Thor
Tower Freeze Skill Icon
Tower Freeze Alviss
High Flame
High Flame Nidhogg
Overcharge Jötunn

Item Set Abilities Edit

Ancient Mist Skill Icon
Ancient Mist Mistweaver's Set
Blood Rage Skill Icon
Blood Rage Ragnarok Set
Chrono Trigger Skill Icon
Chrono Trigger Void Graver Set
Death Touch Skill Icon
Death Touch Helheim Set
Feast Of Crows Skill Icon
Feast of Crows Blackwing Set
Poison Cloud Skill Icon
Poison Shield Set of Discord
Ability sheepStorm
Sheep Storm Goblin Set
Siege Canon Skill Icon
Siege Cannon Craftsman's Set
Reflection Vidar's Set
Sun Beam
Sun Beam Dagr's Set