Adventures: Standard and Quest AdventuresEdit

Standard Adventures:Edit

Adventures~ Teach You Skills and How to use your troops effectively.Edit

Intro New Adventures
Order Adventure Gold Loot Beer Loot
1 Revenge of the Viks 750Gold 1750Beer
2 The Almost Deads 750Gold 920Beer
3 Contamination 900Gold 1150Beer
4 Fort Zombie 1500Gold 1610Beer
5 The Evil Fortress 1500Gold 1610Beer
6 The Silent Clearing 1500Gold 1800Beer
7 28 Undeads Later 3340Gold 3150Beer
8 Brain Crypt 3340Gold 4500Beer
9 Land Of The Dead Vikings 3570Gold 3600Beer
10 The Army Of The Almost Deads 4650Gold 4500Beer
11 Loki's Palace 4950Gold 4500Beer
12 No Sheep Lives Forever 5100Gold 5400Beer
13 The Dead Amanita 6030Gold 6300Beer
14 The Undead Strikes Back 6450Gold 6300Beer
15 Zombie Bolboa 6980Gold 7200Beer
16 A Dead Link To The Blast 7840Gold 7650Beer
17 Zombified Away 13140Gold 8100Beer
18 Death In The Right Place 8100Gold 8100Beer
19 Zombie Force I 9600Gold 10800Beer
20 Sven Zombie 9680Gold 10900Beer
21 Wall Fiction 10500Gold 11070Beer
22 The Crypt Of Niflheim 10600Gold 11750Beer
23 Dead Pools 11010Gold 15100Beer
24 Z Day 15450Gold 15300Beer
25 Deadpigsty 15900Gold 15300Beer
26 The Unholy Animal Farm 16400Gold 17100Beer
27 Vikings Only Live Twice 25050Gold 25200Beer
28 Undead Never Cry 26200Gold 25200Beer
29 Vauban Is Back 28100Gold 26600Beer
30 They Only Come Out At Night 31400Gold 31800Beer
31 The Big Crane 31600Gold 32400Beer
32 The Necromancer Palace 44200Gold 93000Beer
33 The Sheep Barrier 49200Gold 57000Beer
34 The Two Undead Towers 52500Gold 52500Beer
35 Twelve Piggies 52800Gold 64600Beer
36 The Dead Island 86000Gold 84000Beer
37 Super Sheep Boy 151500Gold 150000Beer
38 The Rotten Island 165000Gold 150000Beer
39 Zombie Tycoon 167000Gold 152000Beer
40 The Limbo's Doors 225000Gold 226000Beer
41 Tower Crushers 225800Gold 233000Beer
42 The Stinking Water 296000Gold 268300Beer
43 The Crystal Skull 326000Gold 304000Beer
44 The Skinny Tomb 330000Gold 325000Beer
45 Into The Dead 410000Gold 382500Beer
46 Vikings Versus Zombies 518000Gold 562500Beer
47 The Dead Pilgrims 791750Gold 751000Beer
48 The Tree Of Dead 962000Gold 905000Beer
49 The BioHazard 1110000Gold 1350000Beer
50 The End of the World 1860000Gold 1800000Beer
51 Death Wish 1885000Gold 2100000Beer
52 House Of The Rising Dead 2100000Gold 2100000Beer
53 Stairway To Hell 2350000Gold 2250000Beer
54 Smells Like Dead Spirit 2425000Gold 2480000Beer
55 Another Dead In The Horde 2551500Gold 2550000Beer
56 All About The Brains 2650000Gold 2700000Beer
57 Eye Of The Zombie 2701500Gold 2850000Beer
58 Like A Rolling Head 2800000Gold 3000000Beer
59 No Zombie No Cry 3100000Gold 3000000Beer
60 You Only Live Twice 3226500Gold 3228000Beer

Standard Adventure 01-20:

Standard Adventure 21-40:
Standard Adventure 41-60:

Quest Adventures:Edit

Adventures of the Quests

Quest Chapter Adventure
Ancient Viking Turtles 6 Slow and Steady
Ancient Viking Turtles 10 Perfect Discipline
Children of the Damned 9 Valley of the Damned
Children of the Damned 10 Hel
Dust to Dust 5 Thief's hideout
Dust to Dust 10 Secret Hiding Place
Femme Fatale 4 Big Forest Gun
Femme Fatale 5 Assault Fort
Femme Fatale 9 Forest of Thorns
Femme Fatale 10 Creative Chaos
Tame the Elements 5 Tame The Elements 1st Adventure
Tame the Elements 7 Tame The Elements 2nd Adventure
The Barbarian King 10 Temple of Seth
The Betrayer 4 Fort Henry
The Betrayer 10 Witch's Stronghold
Treasure Island 3 Burn it to the Ground
Treasure Island 7 Treasure Island
Wayland's Anvil 2 Thieves' Village
Wayland's Anvil 5 Thieves' Den
Wayland's Anvil 7 Thieves' Hideout
Wayland's Anvil 10 Thieves' Stronghold
Wild Wild North 5 The Good, The Dead And The Ugly
Wild Wild North 10 A Fistful Of Brains
Winter, We Are Coming! 1 Grey Runners
Winter, We Are Coming! 3 The Charge Of The Strigas
Winter, We Are Coming! 8 Lightning Coil
Winter, We Are Coming! 10 The Song
Wrath of Grendel 10 Wrath Of Grendel