Dance of Death

Children of the DamnedEdit

This Quest unlocks the Hero Hel upon completion.

Intro Hel1

Quest Breakdown Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

"It shall beginn with the Invasion of the Warriors of the North" - from The Forgotten Saga

Objective: Gather 6 Big star in PvP attacks

Reward: 500 000 Beer

Chapter 2 Edit

The Invaders will wage a Holy War with a Flash of the Blade.

Objective: Get 3 Big star in 1 PvP attacks

Reward:  5 Gems

Chapter 3 Edit

An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm, the Warriors of the World shall fear the Wrath of the Norseman.

Objective: Recruit 10 Power Units (Sorceress, Bone Crushers or Pigators)

Reward: Artifact Tarnished Statue

Chapter 4 Edit

The Burning Ambition will drive the The Man Who Would Be King.

Objective: Gather 8 Big star in PvP attacks

Reward: 600 000 Gold

Chapter 5 Edit

Violence and Bloodshed in his Wildest Dreams; Liar, Murderer, The Man of Sorrows.

Objective: Get revenge 1 times

Reward: 400 000 Beer

Chapter 6 Edit

Live without regrets will he lead, Rich and Famous, a Pleasure Slave. A Power Slave.

Objective: Loot 600 000 Gold in PvP attacks

Reward: 10 Gems

Chapter 7 Edit

But the Blood of the Kings is not immune to Bloodshed. The Killers performed the Beheading of a King.

Objective: Gather 15 Big star in PvP attacks

Reward: 40x Assassin

Chapter 8 Edit

Not a Hero, his Warrior's prayer unheard, The King shall not see Valhalla and the Rainbow's gold.

Objective: Loot 4000 Nectar in PvP attacks

Reward: 15 Gems


Chapter 9 Edit

He will walk through the Bridge of Death across the Valley of the Damned, into the House of Death.

Objective: Finish Adventure "Valley of the Damned" for 3 Big star

Reward: Book Artifact: Manuscript of Will

Chapter 10 Edit

And there in the Shadowland she stands, the Terrible One. She welcomes him to Hel.

Objective: Finish Adventure "Hel" for 3Big star

Reward: The new Hero Hel or 2x free Item Crafting