Femme Fatale

Quest Breakdown Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Stand back, you fools! You there! Step aside. I don't want to waste time with someone who cannot fight!

Objective: Gather 7 Big star in PvP attacks

Reward: 400 000 Gold

Chapter 2 Edit

How about that? You can actually handle yourself. I am intrigued. Is this all?

Objective: Get 3 Big star in 2 PvP attacks

Reward: 500 000 Beer

Chapter 3 Edit

Exceptional skill. Say, would you invite me for a drink?

Objective: Loot 600 000 Beer in PvP attacks.

Reward: 10 Gems

Chapter 4 Edit

I have to say I am impressed with you. Somewhat. But how about attack a real target, hm?

Objective: Finish Adventure "Big Forest Gun" for 3 Big star

Reward: Statue Artifact "Brace Model"

Chapter 5 Edit

Sadly, I couldn't stay with you. You see, I have an army to lead. An undead army! Defend yourself!

Objective: Finish Adventure "Assault Fort" for 3 Big star

Reward: 1 100 000 Gold

Chapter 6 Edit

Oh, they are hopeless. A disgrace to the forces of evil. Coul YOU show me a real army of once?

Objective: Recruit 90 Power Units (Sorceresses, Bone Crushers or Pigators)

Reward: 20 Gems

Chapter 7 Edit

Laughable! You call that an army? I won't even have to dirty my own hands, my allies will fight you.

Objective: Gather 7 Big star in PvP attacks

Reward: 6 000 000 Beer

Chapter 8 Edit

Gently my pets, gently. I have plans for our Viking guest...

Objective: Loot 6300 Nectar in PvP attacks

Reward: 30 Gems

Chapter 9 Edit

A forest of thorns shall be our tomb! Borne through the skies on a fog of doom!

Objective: Finish Adventure "Forest of Thorns" for 3 Big star

Reward: Statue Artifact "Piece of Power"

Chapter 10 Edit

Very good! But enough of this. Now, I will personally make your breath still, and your blood - congeal.

Objective: Finish Adventure "Creative Chaos" for 3 Big star

Reward: 2x Artifact Crafting

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