Glossary of Terms Edit

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Armor: A percentage of the Health adding up to the total Health.

Attack Speed: How fast troops can attack.

Berserk: increase of the attack speed and damage when health is below a specified percentage.

Compass: Earned at the start of every guild war or for reaching star goals during Player vs Player.  Used to pick guild fights against the other guild.

Critical: chance to do more damage than a normal hit.

Damage: The amount of attack your troops, heroes, and towers can inflict on others.

Evasion: chance to avoid one hit from a tower.

Health / Life Points: How much damage a troop, hero, or building can take before it dies.

Loot Damage: A percentage of increased damage on loot buildings.

Protection: The percentage of Damage reduction.

Range: How far a unit can attack, some are next to a building while others are spaced by the squares of the grid.

Roar: temporary boost of the walk speed right after the unit is released.

Special: Special items on some troops, For example, Odin's Hounds Regenerate (re-gain lost health) Dreki Lay's eggs (creates more Dreki) Rocket Tortoise Fire Rockets (shots rockets with splash damage at buildings) etc.

Special Target:  Allows you to pick what wall a Wall Breaker will target.

Splash Damage: The damage from the attack splashes over on nearby troops.

Walk Speed: How fast a unit moves.

Wall Damage: The amount of Damage that a Wall Breaker does when it hits a wall.

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